PopcornTrivia Reviews

If they gave out Oscars for fantastic movie trivia based quiz games, then CustomPlay would definitely have one on their mantelpiece.

PopcornTrivia delivers a solid Windows 10 game that is a solid test of your movie knowledge.
-Windows Central

It's a fun app, I use it, and the coolest thing is you can play solo or you can go up against other people who have the app and battle.

Score: 96% If you have even a passing interest in movie trivia, then consider this an essential download.
-The Smartphone App Review

It definitely takes movie trivia to a new level and is an entertaining way to test your knowledge of the big screen.
-Windows Central

If you love to keep up with movie trivia and want to challenge your friends, PopcornTrivia is definitely an app worth trying.

10.0 - If You Like Movies, You'll Love This Game
-N4G & iFanzine

4.5/5 Stars. Quite addictive, it may be hard to put down your phone and give the weary eyes some much-needed rest.

PopcornTrivia allows players to challenge their friends or host a personal game show making use of a range of movies across all genres.

The graphics are adorable and the background sounds are amazing.

91.3/100% This game is super-addictive and entertaining too.

The app has a fun side-story to keep you playing: as you guess the correct answers, you can add props from your favorite movies to your in-game avatar...

...this application includes everything that any movie quiz needs to have.
-Apps 400

This movie trivia game will offer you a ton of fun and excitement.

4/5 Stars. The best part about this app is it gives you more information on every answer...
-APPS Mirror

It takes a movie night to a whole new level.
-Apps Listo

User Reviews

So pleasantly surprised by this - I just wanted a trivia time waster & found something really well-made & monstrously addictive instead.
-Rinhook - Apple Reviews

Amazing and addictive app... I'm in love!! Creating an avatar is cute and adds an extra layer.
-PoisonKeyblade11 - Apple Reviews

I'm determined to play, get 100% on all questions, and get somewhere in the top 50, or higher. Love it!
-Jackson B. - Google Reviews

It's addicting. I can't seem to stop playing. I am also finding out interesting facts about the movies I watched. I also realized I don't know the movies as well as I thought even though I've seen them a million times lol
-Vivian G. - Google Reviews

I love trivia. And movie trivia is the Greatest Kind. PT is the Trivia Game for Film Buffs who know the minutiae of their films. I gave PopcornTrivia 5 stars. I love you.
-Cinephile On An Addictive High - Microsoft Reviews

This game is awesome. I even requested trivia for a movie that wasn't listed and within days that movie was added. See? Awesome!
-Hours of fun - Microsoft Reviews